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Most cringe at the phrase “organ meats” but Liver is one of THE most nutrient dense foods there is! Find out why and how I sneak it into our diet.




My grandpa loved liver and onions. Just the thought of that always made me dry heave. Our culture dictates that eating organ meat is strange or gross. I am here to tell you to get over it. Organ meats are some of the best foods we can consume!

Of the organ meats (I won’t get too weird on you and suggest you eat brains or anything . . . yet) liver is one of the most nutrient dense and easy to hide in other foods. Organ meats are ULTRA concentrated in most vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, and healthy fats.

Copper, iron, folic acid, B vitamins, CoQ10, etc. are all included in liver. The list goes on. There is an unidentified anti-fatigue factor found in liver which is particularly beneficial to athletes and bodybuilders. No one has been able to pin point exactly how, but it is clear that consuming liver increases energy! 

Choline is an important component of liver that I want to mention. It is also found in pastured egg yolks. Choline helps your liver move fat OUT. By consuming choline from animal liver, you are aiding your body’s own detoxification system!

Not only will eating liver help increase your energy (and who doesn’t need that?), but it also creates healthy skin and hair, aids collagen synthesis, creates strong bones, and gives you a rocking immune system.

Liver is the most concentrated source of vitamin A found in nature. Remember this post? I explained how important the RIGHT type of vitamin A is in your diet. Liver is the best way to get it.

The great thing about liver is that you don’t need a lot of it to get the benefits. I can’t stomach it and don’t enjoy it as an entree, but I have found a few ways to sneak it into our diet.

  1. grate raw frozen liver and then add a little to meatballs, meatloaf, burgers, etc. Your family will never know (don’t tell them, either)!
  2. grated liver can also be added to rice while it’s cooking. It adds some flavor and substance.
  3. cut up raw liver into tiny pill-sized pieces and freeze in a single layer on a sheet pan. Once frozen, throw them all into a bag and leave in your freezer. You can take out one or two of these “pills” and swallow them with water, whole.

This last method was my preferred way to get liver into my diet, until I stumbled upon Vital Proteins Beef Liver capsules! These are a game-changer.


You must know of my love for Beef Gelatin and the homemade jello I make with it by now. Vital Proteins has some amazing products that I love and use daily, and now these liver pills are among them.

These capsules make it easy and less intimidating to get liver into your diet. I have been using these for the past 4 months and am in love. I have definitely noticed a boost in my energy or lack thereof when I miss for a few days.

For kids, you can open the capsules (if they don’t swallow pills yet) and add them into meatloaf or meatballs just as you would the grated liver. They are easy and tasteless.

It’s crucial when healing your body through food that you source well. For example, making bone broth to heal your gut using commercial chickens . . . isn’t the best option. While still good, you could be getting a WHOLE LOT more nutrients and healing from an organic free range chicken. What the chicken EATS, determines how nutritious it will be for you.

The same is true with liver. Grass fed is the only way to go to get ALL of the benefits I talked about above.

Are you convinced? 

Throw away those synthetic multi-vitamins and find yourself some LIVER! Your body will thank you.


Now for the fun part — I have partnered with Vital Proteins to give some of their Beef Liver capsules to some of you! Head over to my Instagram account to find out how you can win!



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  1. Kaylyn says:

    Hey! I’ve been diving more into your blog ( you had me at intermittent fasting) and was curious about the liver. If taken, along with probiotics, is there a need for a multi-vitamin? Thanks-all the way from MA!

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Hey, I'm Kels!

a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.

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