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Harness the power of personalized frequency sound therapy to release trapped emotions and experience instant freedom and relief.

Have You Tried 

And even if you haven't tried everything, you can only get so far on your own, even with talk therapy or coaching or all the affirmations in the world.

You might not even be aware of some of the most painful and limiting emotions and experiences because they're stored in your body, underneath your conscious mind.


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This is where targeted frequency therapy comes in—it's a powerful modality to INSTANTLY and truly rid the body of emotions that have been trapped for years.

If we can't release trapped emotions within the body, they will continue to build up and resurface. 

What We Can


Physical symptoms like chronic inflammation or fatigue, irregularities, recurring conditions
Patterns of anger, sadness, or apathy
Self-sabotage or limiting beliefs
Feelings of “stuckness" that don't seem to have a rational cause
Emotional difficulties or dysregulation in your child (yes, we can use targeted sound healing on them with your permission)

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So what does a session look like? 

The process can sound unfamiliar because it's different than most energy work out there, but once you feel the results and see the shifts start to happen, that's all you need to know to be convinced that this works, and it works REALLY well. 

Energy work helps you feel better, because it's balancing and shifting the general energy of your body.

Targeted sound healing is finding very specifically what you need, right in that moment, and where the body is storing that emotion. 

Then, using a sound frequency machine, the emotion is targeted and released.

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How does it work?

step one

Ask For Help

I start every session with prayer. I ask God to assist me to help find the emotions that need to be released from you that day, so that you can feel the most relief possible. I believe we are all connected to a higher power and I don't take it lightly that you are allowing me to tap into your energy to assist you in this way.

I let my intuition take over and trust where it leads. I always ask permission to connect to your energy.

The combination of energy work and energetic frequency technologies creates instant results and relief. 

While you relax and allow the healing to take place, this is what I'm doing during your session:

If certain frequencies can break glass—you better believe they can break up those stored feelings and rid them from your body! 

step two

Emotion Cards

Based on your intake form, I begin pulling different emotion frequency cards, based on feel and what you've told me prior to the session that you might be dealing with. Sometimes I pull really random ones but I never question it, because I am relying on my higher self at this point, not on what I think you need.

step three

Muscle Testing

Using muscle testing (applied kinesiology), I determine which emotion(s) are priority for you to release right at that moment, as well as WHERE in the body you're storing those specific trapped emotions. This location is where the frequency machine speakers will be placed (remotely) during your session. Typically the area they are held correlates to a physical symptom - headaches, sinus infections, stomach issues, PMS, etc. Releasing those emotions helps you physically as well!

step four


Now that we know what emotion and where it's located, I find out the exact frequency needed to help break up and release that emotion from your body. I also determine how long the session will be at this point, which will be different for every person. Once it's all set up, I run the session while you relax, take a nap, go on a walk, read a book, etc.

Within 24 hours of your session you will receive a follow up email explaining what was released and a little more info on that emotion and where it was being held.

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client experience:

"After our session, I felt a drastic return to purpose and lightness..."

— Anonymous Client

"Before my session with Kelsey, I was so angry, irritable, and exhausted and I didn’t really even know why. 

After our session, I felt a drastic return to purpose and lightness and when she told me the emotion and area of my body she was healing, I couldn’t believe she’d identified what was going on with so much accuracy when I hadn’t been able to figure it out myself. 

Sound healing with Kelsey is such a useful tool to complement everything else I work with to release and elevate toward who I want to become."

Personalized frequency therapy is the tool you didn't know you needed.


The gift of technology allows us to eliminate physical space between us for a remote session that you ONLY need to relax and unplug for! It's low effort, high return.


Your session is only for you. your body is energy/soul, and it knows exactly what you need in that moment. My job is to find that out and then using the frequencies, help you release it. This sets apart your session from other modalities.

Disclaimer: A Sound Healing Session is a complementary therapy and does not substitute professional medical advice or treatment. Please consult a medical professional for any health concerns.

Ready to feel better or help a child you love get some relief?



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What If It Really Works?

The first time we used frequency therapy in our family, it was with my then 10-year-old daughter. She was born with a fire inside her, and I always knew it. It seemed like there was an underlying fierceness that would erupt if we weren't careful.

She would often shake when she got mad, there was SO much emotion in that tiny body and she didn't know what to do with it! She wasn't destructive or hurtful to others, she just had this INTENSITY to her and we wanted to help her harness that as a strength. 

I had my mentor do a remote session on her one night because truly, we had nothing to lose and I was so intrigued by their methods which were unlike anything else I had heard of.

my story

When my girl walked up the stairs to eat breakfast before school the next morning, she was grinning, and LIGHTER. I don't know how else to describe it - she seemed like a huge weight had been lifted, and she was SO happy! She was talkative and bubbly (which was not the previous norm for early mornings with her, usually pretty sullen and quiet)

We continued to do sessions on ourselves and our other children after that, and over the years have experienced incredible results - we have used it for pain relief, school anxiety, big career changes and stress over co-workers and toxic work environments, moving chaos, trauma from bad news/grief, and more. 

It's been a tool I have used personally and am now ready to share with others who can benefit in the same ways. The sessions I have done on friends and family have been such a testament to me that this stuff WORKS, and it works quickly.

This session blew me away. I had no idea what to expect, but felt instant relief from a sinus infection Kelsey had no idea about. She released mental exhaustion and I felt almost instantly better after being so overwhelmed and stressed for weeks. I was holding all that exhaustion in my sinuses and it was causing me major grief.

There is no way she could have known I was so congested, which completely solidified the power of this sound healing! I am now going to have her do sessions for my teen daughter to help her with anxiety." 

— Anonymous Past Client

Do we talk during the session?

This session is entirely hands-off - there is no zoom call, no phone calls, you will fill out an intake form and get reminders and tips on what to do during the session, but we won't be in contact at all during the actual session. You will be relaxing at home! 

Frequently Asked


What do I need to do?

Be well-hydrated, and unplugged. No watches, no phones, just take some time to meditate, go for a walk, take a nap, journal, read a book, have a bath, etc. You also need to retrain from physical contact with anyone else, so choose a time that allows for this.

What results can I expect?

Remote sessions may take a day or two for the effects to show up, while in person it's very immediate. Almost every remote session I have done has resulted in a pretty quick result - either lessening of pain, calming of the anxiety, being able to sleep soundly for the first time in a while, panic subsiding for a calm more rational demeanour, etc. You may see something physical, or emotional, or it may be subtle - be mindful of how you feel afterward! 

Do we talk after the session?

Within 24 hours of your session you will receive an email from me explaining what was released and some general info and reminders. 

Can you do a session on my family member?

Without their written consent, I can't do sessions on anyone over the age of 21. If you have a child struggling I can definitely help them without their knowledge/permission - children are excellent recipients of this type of healing and I can't begin to express how life changing it can be for them.

You will still need to fill out the forms for your child. These sessions are best done at night or early in the morning when they are still sleeping to ensure they aren't on technology or touching others while their session is running.

What if I need to cancel?

24 hours notice is required to reschedule your session. No refunds will be given if I can't complete the session at the scheduled time because you're on your phone or forgot about your appointment - you will receive text reminders to ensure you're aware that it is happening.

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