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As blogger, Instagrammer, online business owner, I'm basically an Internet elder by now...hence the many evolutions of Simple Life By Kels :) Here's how you can work with me now!

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Here you'll find healing, simplicity, and slow, clean living. Welcome. 

It might be the sourdough or the sound healing or anywhere in between, but there are through lines in my work of family, health, and slowing down enough to live and heal intentionally. 

You might be here to find your favorite Sourdough Donut recipe and feel drawn to learn more about Targeted Sound Healing. We might have become friends over Monat and great hair and now you want to make homemake chocolates with your kids. I hope you stay awhile and stay grateful <3

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2 hour remote session

01. Targeted Frequency Therapy

Harness the power of personalized frequency sound healing to release trapped emotions to experience instant freedom and relief.

This is not like any sound healing you've seen before. The results for my clients and my own family have been rapid and lasting. I'm excited to support the healing of more people by now offering these sessions in a more public way.

recipes + tips

02. Sourdough Baking

Remember how good it feels for your soul and your gut to use traditional natural yeast and fill your home with the aroma of fresh bread, made with love and intention?

Whether you're a veteran just looking for your tried and true recipes or just starting out on your sourdough journey, I've got road-tested goodness and beginner tips here for you! Welcome fellow dough whisperer!

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03. Shop My Store

Gratitude Journals

Simply Sourdough Recipe Book


Sweet Traditions — Christmas Candy Guide

recipes + tips

04. More Recipes

Whole wheat cookies? A whole foods dinner? Coming right up! Check out my recipe vault (I was a food blogger after all!) and make yourself a green juice or bake a low-guilt treat for your kids. 

Make sure you report back! I love being a part of your family dinners or your gut healing journey. 

let me help!

Clean Beauty + Health

Three and a half years ago I switched my shampoo. A simple thing, but it ended up changing my life. I realized how much quality products made a difference in how I felt. I started swapping out other things in my personal care routine to safer options without any of the nasty stuff. 

As Monat's product lineup has expanded to skin, health, and makeup, I use it all! (Even as a snobby clean food + product blogger before then!)  I love helping new customers find the perfect fit products!

life scripting + affirmations

05. Mindset Resources

Simple but effective tools used with great discipline and love can change your whole reality. Trust me, I'm living proof! 

From leveraging gratitude to manifesting through writing and affirmations, I've got a whole toolbox for you for free. As a person who's invested so many resources in personal growth, I'm delighted to pass on these free tools to meet you wherever you are.

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No, really!

Email is the best way to get me these days, but I read every single one! If you have any questions about services or just want to reconnect, send me a message!

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