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a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.
Hi, I'm Kels!

The Best Sourdough Glazed Donuts

Doesn’t that look tasty? It was. My new cravings with this pregnancy (here we go with the pregnancy talk again) are watermelon, grapes, and lemonade. I could eat/drink them all day long. The weather on the farm is finally starting to cool down and I’m grateful, but we’ve still had some really hot days that make me want to die. One evening I was really hot and just needed something, anything to cool me down. I decided to experiment with a new juice recipe, and it turned out pretty good.

Watermelon Cooler

3 c cut up watermelon
1/2 lemon
1 cucumber

Juice and enjoy. If it’s too tart add a little honey or other sweetener if you wish. I just drank it as is and it felt wonderful. Both watermelon and cucumber are known for cooling down the body, and it worked wonders for me. You could also just add more watermelon to make it a bit sweeter.

I’ve gotten back into drinking my super green juice every morning after not having it for about 10 days. I am already feeling the effects after a week and a half and it feels amazing. It makes such a difference and I am feeling so much better. My sister always has her juice over ice and I hadn’t tried it until we visited her in British Columbia earlier this summer. I’ve since decided I can’t have it any other way. I like to add 3 ice cubes and let it sit on the counter for 15-20 minutes. You wouldn’t think it would make much difference, but it does. It feels so nice and refreshing going down, and it cuts down on the after taste. So if you’re looking for something to make your juice just that much better, ADD ICE! When I drink my green juice in the morning, I don’t want to eat as much junk the rest of the day. Not to mention the added energy that I severely need right now. Crio Bru also helps with that, and I’ve been drinking it almost every day as well. Simple changes make a huge difference in this pregnant momma’s life!

On a random note, I can’t believe that Fall is almost upon us! It is my favorite season, and I’m very ready for it. It will be a busy time for us as we are having a new home built for the farm (we’ve outgrown our current one). Moving and trying to get a new house settled, only to move for the winter (we get snowed in out here) will be hectic, but I’m excited. With a new baby coming at the end of December, I wonder if I should start my Christmas shopping right now? I’ve always been a last-minute kind of shopper, but maybe this year I’ll find my motivation . . . before I’m 9 months pregnant and it’s too late! Any tips?

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  1. Jessie says:

    :0 That looks so good.

  2. Caylee says:

    Yummy!! Going to try that ASAP!

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Hey, I'm Kels!

a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.

I have lots of recipes and resources, but now it's just about me being real, walking through the messy and beautiful parts of life.


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