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a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.
Hi, I'm Kels!

The Best Sourdough Glazed Donuts

A couple of weeks ago I introduced you to fermented foods and the power they have to help heal and nourish the gut. Along with fermented foods, there are some other things you can do to help heal your gut (and I think everyone needs some healing). Grass-fed gelatin is one of those things.


I wrote about Bone Broth a couple of years ago and how amazing it is for healing the gut. Gelatin is going to give you those same benefits. Gelatin makes up about half of the protein in our bodies, so you are “body building” when you consume it.

Some of the awesome facts about gelatin:

  • improves hair, skin, and nails.
  • helps heal a leaky gut and other digestive issues. Consuming gelatin increases stomach acid, which helps all digestive function.
  • helps the body to detoxify – gelatin contains the amino acid glycine. Glycine gets converted to glutathione, which is the antioxidant that helps the liver clean out the body – THIS IS IMPORTANT.
  • it satiates hunger.
  • Eat gelatin with fat (remember when you thought my daughter was funny for giving us homemade jello with breakfast? She was actually really smart). The fat (eggs, grass fed butter/ghee, cultured dairy, etc) helps the amino acids in the gelatin to absorb so you get maximum benefit from them.
  • helps bones and joint strength – good for those with arthritis and other conditions with inflammation or degradation of the joints/bones.
  • gelatin should be consumed with protein (as part of your diet, not necessarily always together). Because gelatin comes from the bones of animals, it is an essential part of helping the meat of those animals to be digested and used more effectively. The gelatin and protein work together to create the best possible nutrition for us. Those consuming a paleo/high protein diet should think of adding in some bone broth or gelatin to help that protein be better absorbed. It is a symbiotic relationship that should be strengthened. Gelatin by itself isn’t as effective for the body.
  • gelatin contains glutamine, which helps regulate hormones and metabolism. So for those looking to lose weight, gelatin aids in that process, but also helps those looking to gain in just the right places! Remember, it’s a body-builder!
  • it can help those with adrenal fatigue because when the body becomes stressed, it often pulls glutamine from the gut to help balance hormones. As gelatin is high in glutamine, this helps to repair and replace what is being depleted.
  • and MORE.

WHOA. That is a lot to digest (no pun intended . . . )! I encourage you, if any of that struck a cord, to look more into the benefits of gelatin and how it could help you or someone you love! I have loved making homemade jello for my kids with just gelatin from grass-fed cows and fruit juice! I have used water kefir and kombucha as well to make jello – which adds even more probiotic goodness and they love it all.

I had to really condense for fear of writing a novel in this post, but there is a lot of good information out there.

I recommend Vital Proteins Grass Fed Gelatin. Their prices are great, I love the company, and most importantly, the product is high quality and makes excellent homemade gelatin! I have also used this gelatin for my low-sugar raspberry freezer jam to thicken it without pectin.

Now for the fun part – JELLO! This makes the PERFECT textured jello – so smooth and wiggly. I cut mine into squares and they each easily grab one and go! We have had this along with our eggs for breakfast several times with no complaints! My favorite has been with pure cranberry juice (SO strong so you have to use it with something else – I’m not talking about ocean spray cranberry here), with grape juice. I do about 1 1/2 c grape to 1/2 c cranberry and it’s divine. Plus, pure cranberry juice has amazing benefits (especially for little girls, of which I have several), so it’s a win-win!


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  1. Holly W says:

    Kels! Nate just asked me yesterday about making homemade jello and I told him I had no idea but I was pretty sure Aunt Kelsey knew what to do! What a great post. I had no idea there were so many benefits to eating gelatin. I don’t even like jello but your homemade version with the juices you recommended actually sounds appealing to me!

  2. […] a mostly liquid diet — water, herbal tea, coconut water, smoothies, etc. I have also had my homemade jello, and chia pudding because it doesn’t hurt my tummy! Today I felt like something soothing and […]

  3. Julie says:

    Kelsey, after jello is ready, how long is it good for in the fridge?

    • Kelsey says:

      Good question! Ours has lasted a week before it was all consumed, but it’s usually long gone by then! I would think it should be fine for a week or even two.

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Hey, I'm Kels!

a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.

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