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a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.
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The Best Sourdough Glazed Donuts

As previously stated, I wholly agree with the concept behind the Paleo diet. I think anyone who reads about it and studies it will see why it’s been such a success for so many people. Now for the part where I “fell off the paleo wagon.” It was early fall (October-ish) and I had been doing great. However, I soon learned I was (as I suspected) pregnant. Usually when I hit about 5 weeks the intense morning sickness begins for me. I waited, and it didn’t really come. In fact, I didn’t take a pregnancy test until I  was around 10 weeks along, and even then I already knew, I just wanted the visual confirmation. I was feeling pretty good. Better, in fact, than any of my previous three pregnancies by far. I was still doing Insanity every day and eating the paleo way. I was able to wake up every morning and still make breakfast, with the exception of a few days where I felt a little sick when I first woke up. I only gagged on my eggs once, which I think was pretty good! When I did feel sick, it was always in the evening. It was almost as soon as I got my children into bed around 6 or 6:30 that it hit me. I laid on the couch every evening, doing absolutely nothing but feeling nauseated.

One of these “sick” days I just could not relieve the nausea I felt. It was really bad and I wanted to throw up. When it had been hours of no relief, I told my husband to get me some saltine crackers, ASAP. All I could think of was every time in my entire life when I’ve felt that way, and the only relief given came in the form of a little crusty cracker. That was my first “grain” since starting the paleo diet. And it did relieve my nausea. After that, when I had a really rough night, I would eat a few crackers and go to bed after rubbing my tummy with DoTerra’s Digestzen blend oil. I used that oil every single day for the first four months of pregnancy, and still use it all the time whenever I feel a tiny upset in my stomach. I will talk about how essential oils have helped me in another post, but those were just two of the things I did when I felt awful. After eating those first few crackers, I would have a random piece of toast with peanut butter (not even once a week) to help in the mornings if I didn’t feel I could stomach eggs.

Those few little things obviously led to eating rice here and there, or having a bowl of cereal with my kids on a busy morning, etc. I wasn’t baking bread much but I did have crackers, rice, and quinoa. I also baked with whole wheat flour here and there and would eat some of it. So there it is, my slide back into the world of grains. I have recently been battling them on a whole new level, but again, that is a separate post.

I have to say that eating the paleo way for those couple of months was one of the best things I’ve done for my body. Like I said in part I, my fat melted, my muscles were more defined, I had more energy, and slept better than I ever have. I didn’t snack hardly at all, and felt full longer in between meals. I woke up feeling great every day. This pregnancy threw me off a little, but it’s still been a huge blessing in our lives to have started eating more protein and good fat and cutting back all of those carbs. I am very conscious of how I feel after each meal, and am now aware if I didn’t get enough protein or fat, because I feel hungry soon after eating if I didn’t. Eating enough protein while pregnant is extremely important, and I know it’s helped me to not feel as sick and to have the energy that I do. I am now 22 weeks along with our baby BOY (yay) and couldn’t feel better at this point. I have continued to work out and will detail that later with what’s worked for me.

I love meat. I love fat. I love Paleo. That’s the bottom line. I will support anyone who wants to give it a try and see for themselves how it truly can change your body and your life. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask. I’m sure I’m forgetting something. I discovered a lot of great grain-free recipes over the past six months and will be sharing those as well.

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  1. The Merrills says:

    I could be blind, but do you have a post that explains the Paleo diet simply? I just don't get it. Is it just not eating grains?

  2. My question is, how expensive is it? i've looked at almond flour and coconut flour (because a paleo cookbook i looked at uses them) and they are super expensive. Do you just not really make things that use those?

  3. kelsey says:

    Mandy, I guess I didn't do a great job of explaining, but in my first post (below this one) I talk more about what it is. Basically, if people living thousands of years ago didn't eat it, don't eat it. No grains, no processed sugars, no pasteurized dairy. Lots of protein and good fat, and all the fruits and veggies you can eat! They really encourage lots of eggs as they are a good source of both fat and protein. Also, lots of nuts and seeds. Hope that helps more! I did eat a little dairy, but only cottage cheese. I also had kefir every day, but it's on the “okay” list.

    Amy – Those two flours are more expensive. Mostly, I have found really good deals on them. I get my almond flour (which I use the most) from Honeyville and it's just down the road from me now, so I don't have to pay shipping and they also sell it at Costco here too. Coconut flour goes a LONG way. Seriously. You don't need a lot for anything, I have a tiny can of it that has lasted me a year because I don't use it constantly and when I do, the recipe doesn't call for much. You don't use them in huge amounts like regular all purpose flour. I just don't bake huge batches of cookies or cakes or things. If I need something sweet, I make a small batch of cookies or small pan of brownies. It's not about trying to adapt all of your bad habits into a new diet just using different ingredients, it's about altering your diet and changing the way you eat now. So you don't use them as much. I use my almond flour for pancakes, mostly. And it lasts me quite a while. I'm not trying to make bread or anything with it.


  4. Lacey says:

    Awesome! Can't wait for the recipes!

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Hey, I'm Kels!

a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.

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