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a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.
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Do you know how to wash your hair?

I thought I did . . . 

But if you’re using premium products, specifically Monat haircare, chances are you need to change the way you’ve been doing things. I had no idea what I was doing wrong, and after I started using Monat, I wasn’t told how to wash properly at first. It’s my duty to give you all the tools you need to know how to wash your hair and get the best results from this incredible product line. 

how to wash your hair

Here are my best tips after using Monat for 3.5 years:

  1. ALWAYS do a double wash. The first wash breaks up the dirt and oil on your scalp. It won’t lather. The second wash should lather, and if it doesn’t, try a third! That nice foamy lather is a sign your hair is squeaky clean.* Monat removes buildup from the hair and helps balance the scalp from inflammation – that can take a while to balance out, so keep that in mind! 
  2. Less is more. I get asked this all the time – but it really is true! These products are so concentrated, a little goes a long way. A dime – quarter sized amount is all you need. 
  3. Emulsify your product between very wet hands, and apply evenly to very wet hair to distribute it. 
  4. Wash your SCALP – this is what you’re getting clean – shampoo is for the scalp, conditioner is for the rest of your hair. So focus your washes on your scalp.
  5. Allow the product to sit for 2-3 minutes to really do its job. Then rinse WELL and repeat! 
  6. If using a masque, you would apply it now – dip a thumb into the product and take that amount evenly over your hair and allow it to sit for 5-10 minutes. Rinse very well.
  7. Follow up with a conditioner on the mid-shaft t end of your hair. I like to comb it through in the shower with a wide-toothed comb to get it on all of your hair. Rinse!

A couple of tips for keeping your hair strong – use a microfiber head wrap, old tee shirt, or other microfiber towel to gently dry your hair. Use a wet brush and the unknot detangler to prevent damage on the hair from brushing. Your hair is the most vulnerable when wet. Be kind to it! 

Hope this was helpful in teaching you some tips on how to wash your hair! Don’t forgot those rejuveniqe oil scalp treatments – healthy scalp = healthy hair! 


* the restructuring shampoo does not lather this way 

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Hey, I'm Kels!

a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.

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