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a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.
Hi, I'm Kels!

The Best Sourdough Glazed Donuts

Avocado oil is not new to me. I have been using it for over a year and am absolutely loving it. It’s a really mild oil with a high smoke point, so you don’t have to worry about it degrading with high heat, causing free radicals to form (aka poison). I love that I can use it with anything: making bread, roasting veggies, sauteing, seasoning my cast iron pans, etc. It’s fabulous. I buy mine at Costco in big bottles and grab one every time I go so that I don’t run out.

When I found out that Chosen Foods, the same company who makes this avocado oil I’ve been using, also sells chia seeds IN BULK, I had to check it out. Their prices for chia seeds in bulk are phenomenal. Seriously. I’ve been consuming chia seeds daily for 5 years. They are one of my top five can’t be without foods. I wrote a post dedicated to their goodness, here. Because I’ve been buying them for so long, I know a good price when I see one. I usually stock up during Costco’s Organic sale and buy tons, but now I have found a better resource in Chosen Foods. If you buy 50 lbs, they are only $2.10/lb! That is a steal. Their bulk organic chia seeds are $39.95 for a 5 lb bag, which is also a great deal (especially with the coupon I’m about to give you!). They also have super cool little chia slim packets that you can take with you anywhere and throw into a bottle of water or juice for chia on the go! I love those — they have saved me several times.

Chia seeds are great and I love them to pieces, but when Chosen Foods sent me a box of goodies to try out, I squealed over their brand new avocado oil mayo!!! If you don’t know already, most mayo is made with canola oil, which is very inflammatory and disruptive to your system. It’s unstable and harsh, but it’s cheap — so a lot of processed foods are made from these seed oils (canola, sunflower, safflower, etc.). This mayo is genius.

The ingredients are top notch:

  • avocado oil
  • cage-free egg yolks
  • filtered water
  • organic cage-free whole eggs
  • organic distilled white vinegar
  • organic honey
  • organic mustard (organic mustard seed, organic distilled white vinegar, organic spices)
  • salt
  • organic rosemary extract

There was not one ingredient I would pick apart or be upset by in that list. It’s squeaky clean. I used this mayo for both deviled eggs and tuna salad and both were a huge hit. It was convenient to have in my fridge so that I could just pull it out instead of planning ahead and making my own (which I usually do). I will still revert to making my own, but for busy times and a need for quick dinners, I will have this on my shelf! The mayo is only available right now to order online, but will hit store shelves in 2016.

Now because I love you and so do the wonderful people at Chosen Foods, they have given me a coupon code for my readers to get 20% off of their purchase at Chosenfoods.com. That is a fabulous deal — go check out what they have to offer!





** I was given free product to review. All words and opinions are my own.



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Hey, I'm Kels!

a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.

I have lots of recipes and resources, but now it's just about me being real, walking through the messy and beautiful parts of life.


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