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a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.
Hi, I'm Kels!

The Best Sourdough Glazed Donuts

The other day after my workout (update on that later) I decided to mix things up a bit. I always drink Fortune Delight (to replace the electrolytes lost without the added sugar of sports drinks), and I also make either chocolate VitaShake mixed with milk, or a smoothie after exercising. These two drinks help me recover and help me feel full until my next meal. I wanted a little more “oomph” in my shake the other day so I just started throwing things in the blender, and it turned out pretty good!

Chocolate Chia Banana Shake (serves two . . . or one, if you are me – I drink a lot!)

2 c whole milk
1 medium banana (preferably frozen)
1 chocolate VitaShake packet
2 T chia seeds
2 T coconut oil (solid)
2 T raw cacao powder
several ice cubes

Blend until smooth and enjoy!

I know that not everyone consumes Sunrider products the way I do, but just add in your favorite protein powder or shake mix that you trust – most are LOADED with artificial ingredients, so do your homework! I have a real pet peeve about all of the miracle “weight loss” shakes out there right now. I trust Sunrider’s products because they are very strict in their processing, and they use only the best natural ingredients. The VitaShake is a whole food concentrate; there is nothing added that is not real food. So if you have a mix that you know and trust, add it. If not, you don’t need to have a “shake” powder to make this drink delicious and healthy. Just omit that ingredient and enjoy a little chocolate chia banana shake anyway – you can’t go wrong with raw cacao, chia, and coconut oil.

This shake was really filling. The first time I made it I accidentally dumped in about 1/3 c. cacao powder . . . oops. It was SUPER chocolatey. I didn’t mind, but toned it down a bit the next time! I don’t like to measure things, especially when making smoothies/shakes, so this is a rough estimate. Adjust according to your tastes. I loved the teeny hint of coconut with the chocolate and banana. My husband was leery, but gave his approval last night. He would much rather have a fruit smoothie over something chocolate or milk-based, so at least he drank it! I added in some frozen strawberries last night instead of the ice cubes, and it was delicious. Change it up and find what you love – and let me know what you come up with. I’m always looking for new variations on my “drinks.”

I’m currently working on the yogurt post and will publish it later this week . . . stay tuned.

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  1. Lacey Reed says:

    Sounds delicious! I can't eat chia right now because it gives Finn a terrible tummy ache. Did you have that problem with Hazel? I tried dialing it back and the only thing that helped was eliminating it altogether. I think I'll give it another go in a month or two when his stomach is a little more mature.

  2. kelsey says:

    I didn't have that problem with Hazel, and have never heard of that. Maybe because of the high fiber content? I think Hazel was immune to any adverse effects because I was eating it a lot during my entire pregnancy! She came out of the womb loving it.

  3. Caylee says:

    Sounds DEEEELISH!! I need to order some Vitashakes pronto!!

  4. The Merrills says:

    I just made this, but used my Essante organic shake instead of the vitashake. So good, love this recipe!

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Hey, I'm Kels!

a homeschooling mom of four who used to blog about food, has a book about sourdough, and who is now walking through the grief of losing my dad.

I have lots of recipes and resources, but now it's just about me being real, walking through the messy and beautiful parts of life.


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