MONAT Vegan, Anti-aging Hair and Skincare


My hair has been through the WRINGER after having four babies. It used to be pretty (in high school), but then hormones raged off and on for years, and it was never the same!

In the Fall of 2016 I came upon some Natural based hair products that have CHANGED.MY.LIFE. This is not an exaggeration. My hair has completely transformed.

After a 3 month trial on myself, I was ready to reveal the products and hopefully help others.

If your hair is:

  • thinning
  • dry
  • greasy
  • brittle
  • dull
  • curly
  • straight
  • limp
  • unruly
  • damaged
  • dry scalp/skin issues
  • falling out
  • doesn’t hold curl
  • sheds everywhere
  • etc, etc, etc

These products are for you. They strip your hair from years of chemicals and build up, leaving it ready to be how it was made to be! Did you know that hair ages 6x faster than the skin? But it’s NEVER talked about. These products are the first of their kinds to address aging hair – loss of moisture, shedding, loss of manageability, etc. 

My hair is SHINY, so buttery soft, holds curl for the first time in my life, DOESN’T SHED, I can go 4-5 days between washing when I used to have to wash DAILY, it is fuller, and has grown back around my hair line! Don’t miss my post on how to properly wash your hair with Monat, it’s not what you’re used to and will greatly impact your results! 


My customers have had incredible results over the years with these products – I love seeing their confidence grow as their hair transforms.

Check out my beauty quiz to find out some of the products that might be right for you, and then let’s chat so I can give you my personal product recommendations:


In the Fall of 2019, Monat launched into vegan anti-aging skincare. I admit – I was NERVOUS. I had already been using great stuff, and my skin was always complimented, so I was worried I wouldn’t notice a difference! I had all those fears thrown out the window just DAYS after using the Monat skincare line. This stuff is beyond what I could have dreamed. My skin was instantly firmer, more hydrated and plump, and after a few weeks the fine lines were noticeably less around my eyes. The under eye bags and dark circles started disappearing, and my pores have refined SO much. My husband has had similar incredible results – and the best part is that they last FOREVER! A little goes a very long way with Monat, the value is in the concentration of the product. 

One of the things I love most about Monat is the innovation – they take the best of SCIENCE and the best of NATURE and marry them together for incredible products that PERFORM. No longer do we have to choose between a naturally based product that is safe but doesn’t really do anything, or a product that gives us results but is full of toxins! Monat is the answer to that for your hair and skin. I have been blown away by the hair and skincare and can’t wait to see what they dream up next! 

A little about one of our key patented products that started it all and why YOU NEED IT!

It goes without saying that I am a super fan of these products, but I continue to share them because it’s so much more than shampoo for me. This business gave me HOPE for the first time in a long time. It gave me purpose, confidence, and changed my family’s finances to allow us to live life on our terms. I get it – network marketing has a bad rap, I was the girl who HATED it and swore I would never do it. However, I have learned that not all companies are the same, and that this business model when done the right way, with integrity and an amazing product and leadership, is an incredible way to gain another stream of income. The personal growth I have experienced along the way has been worth it if I hadn’t earned a dime! My husband and kids can attest – they got a better version of mom because of Monat.


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